Put these Parnassus-themed stickers on your water bottle, laptop, or anywhere stickers go! Click on the photo for a closer look.

Sticker options are listed in the order of the photo, going left to right and starting in the upper left corner. 

*Note: Stickers will ship separately if media mail is selected

7 stickers: 1. I Heart Nashville (the heart is a book) in blue, yellow, and red. 2. Our standard full-color Parnassus logo 3. A teacup and saucer rests on a book. The teacup has the Parnassus logo on it. 4. Shop dog Sparky flies through the air with a red cape trailing behind him. The cape has Parnassus Books on it. 5. Shop dog Opie sleeps under a book tent in this green, yellow, & brown sticker. 6. A flower bouquet tied with a Parnassus ribbon in front of a book 7. Shop dog Barnabus wears a Pride bandana