Our Shop Dogs

Our independent bookstore is a small business, and that means everyone has a job to do -- even the four-legged members of our staff. Don't be alarmed if you're greeted at the door by one of our small, furry, friendly associates. (Just make sure the door closes behind you, if you don't mind. The parking lot is no place for a shop dog!)

Sparkman "Sparky" VanDevender

Assistant Co-Owner

Sparky is Ann's rescue pup. He loves to pop in the store and offer recommendations in exchange for attention. His particular specialty is deconstructive criticism.





Opie Brennan

Manager of Canine Staff

Opie Brennan was adopted by the Brennan family after a storied career as a manuscript restorationist at the Morgan Library in New York City, where he made valuable contributions to the preservation and restoration of the letters of Georges-Pierre Seurat and the handwritten lyrics of Bob Dylan. His specialties are music histories and biographies, and cooking narratives.



Barnabus Lynch

Connoisseur of Cardboard

Barnabus is our newest full-time shop dog. He enjoys climbing on boxes, barking at inanimate objects, and hanging out with his best friend Pete in the back office (shhhhh don't tell anyone, but Pete keeps treats in his pockets!). He's learning more about being a shop pup every day. Ask to meet him when you come visit us!



Roxy Rushing

Shop Dog in Training

After an extensive application process involving her curriculum vitae, group and individual interviews, influential books list, and practice sessions cuddling with customers, Roxy landed a spot in the prestigious Parnassus Shop Dog Program. Roxy looks forward to treats (mostly Cheerios) and graduating from the training program. 


Retired Shop Dogs

Bear Gardner

Head of Belly Scratches Division, Assistant Director of Naps

Cats may have nine lives, but Bear Gardner had his second dog-life at Parnassus. Rescued at an advanced age, he took a grateful and laid-back approach to his daily adventures. He was often found practicing meditation in our philosophy, spirituality, and self-help selections. Bear rocked an underbite and a jaunty belly-belt like nobody's business. Read our farewell to our good friend Bear here.


Mary Todd Lincoln Coffman


Mary Todd Lincoln Coffman may be the smallest of our shop dogs in size, but she has more than enough personality (and names) to make up for what she lacks in stature. She's child-friendly, shelf-friendly, photo-friendly, and fits in most pockets. If you're looking for a travel-size reading companion, she's your gal. Even though her humans recently moved to Mississippi, she loves to visit her bookstore friends in Nashville (and have a photoshoot or two while she's at it!)



Eleanor Roosevelt Philpott

Roving Marketing & Social Media Assistant

Eleanor Roosevelt Philpott is our book-beagle-at-large, a "prestigious" position she "earned" when she was "promoted" from her original job in the store (after running out the front door and across four lanes of Hillsboro Road traffic). She works mostly from home and enjoys Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, and howling about great books.