Virtual event with Benjamin Dreyer, Elizabeth McCracken and Mary Laura Philpott

Join Benjamin Dreyer, Elizabeth McCracken, and Mary Laura Philpott in a delightful discussion of the Duchess Goldblatt!

About this Event

Who IS she? Everyone in the literary world has a guess as to who voices the popular Duchess Goldblatt persona on Twitter, but even now -- as the anonymous author releases her origin story, Becoming Duchess Goldblatt -- no one knows.


Parnassus Books is pleased to present an evening of literary conversation with three "friends of the Duchess": Benjamin Dreyer (Dreyer's English), Elizabeth McCracken (Bowlaway), and Mary Laura Philpott (I Miss You When I Blink). They'll talk about what makes the Duchess such a beloved Twitter personality; why her new book will charm readers of all stripes; and, more broadly, about the magic and skill that goes into creating a character's voice out of thin air. If you've never heard of Duchess Goldblatt, tune in to discover what she's all about -- and why so many of the authors you know and love willfully engage with a fictional character online. And if you're already a Duchess fan, hang around for the end of the discussion, when the panelists will host a rousing game of Duchess Goldblatt trivia, complete with Duchess-approved prizes!


About the book:

Part memoir and part joyful romp through the fields of imagination, the story behind a beloved pseudonymous Twitter account reveals how a writer deep in grief rebuilt a life worth living.

Becoming Duchess Goldblatt is two stories: that of the reclusive real-life writer who created a fictional character out of loneliness and thin air, and that of the magical Duchess Goldblatt herself, a bright light in the darkness of social media. Fans around the world are drawn to Her Grace's voice, her wit, her life-affirming love for all humanity, and the fun and friendship of the community that's sprung up around her.


About the author:

DUCHESS GOLDBLATT, 81, is the inspirational author of An Axe to Grind; Feasting on the Carcasses of My Enemies: A Love Story; and the heartwarming meditation on mothers and daughters Not If I Kill You First. A cultural icon, trophy ex-wife, friend to all humanity, and sponsor of the prestigious Goldblatt Prize in Fiction, she lives in Crooked Path, NY. She's fictional but her love is real.

ANONYMOUS, the real-life person in whose mind Duchess Goldblatt lives and flourishes, has gathered all available truth and beauty for these pages. There's nothing else to give.

Event date: 
Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - 6:00pm
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