CANCELLED - Parnassus Book Club discusses Little Faith with special guest Nickolas Butler


Join moderator Kathy Schultenover for a discussion of Nickolas Butler’s book Little Faith. Parnassus Book Club meetings are free and open to anyone.  Buy the book, read the book and join the discussion.

Lyle and Peg Hovde, now in their golden years, live a quiet and contented life in rural Wisconsin. After a troubled adolescence and a period of estrangement, their daughter, Shiloh, has returned home, bringing her five-year-old son, Isaac, with her. Shiloh has changed in her time away from home, however. Now, she’s a feverishly involved member of an extremist church - and the pastor believes that Isaac has the God-given ability to heal the sick.

Lyle, whose own faith was severly shaken after a tragedy years ago, finds himself torn. The practices of the church made him increasingly uneasy - but if he rebuffs Shiloh’s newfound community, his daughter and grandson may disappear from his life for good. And when Isaac’s safety is threatened, Lyle is forced to make a decision that may fracture the family beyond repair.

Set over the course of one year and beautifully evoking the change of seasons, Little Faith is a stunning and profoundly moving novel about friendship and community, the ways in which belief is both forged and dismantled, and the lengths we go to protect our own.

Event date: 
Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 10:30am
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Parnassus Books
3900 Hillsboro Pike Suite 14
Nashville, TN 37215