Author event with Nicole Callihan, James Tolan, and Lorraine Doran

Please join us for an evening of poetry with Nicole Callihan (author of SuperLoop), James Tolan (author of Mass of the Forgotten), and Lorraine Doran (author of Phrasebook for the Pleiades), three poets based in New York City who will be discussing and signing their work.Nicole Callihan’s SuperLoop is as familiar and as thrilling as another go on a long loved ride, borrowing its title from the old carnival ride that loops its riders round and round. Paired with artwork from fellow Brooklyn-ite Re Jin, Callihan’s poems—sometimes wild, sometimes quiet, always unassuming—take us to a place we’ve been before, but through her eyes that dusty place becomes a bit more magical. Here, the waitress always brings extra whipped cream; divorced parents fall into each other’s arms; orchids grow; and, in spite of themselves and the world around them, people find love and walk, albeit reluctantly, into the sunset. Fierce, funny, at times, downright sweet—for Callihan, just making it is a miracle, and it’s a miracle she’s not afraid to name. Of James Tolan's Mass of the Forgotten, Dorianne Laux wrote, "In the spirit of Whitman, Olds, and Levine, Tolan’s first book of poems draws in conceits and concerns from the grit and sweat of the physical world. But it is also a haunting metaphysical litany…’We are the new Jehovahs, gods of vengeance and small mercies,’ he reminds us, ‘who rose from the sea and walked, our lips salted thick with want.’ His praise of the physical world is exacting enough to transport us to an Eden where flesh still collides, in ways unexpected, with spirit."Gray Jacobik praised Lorraine Doran's Phrasebook of the Pleiades, writing, "Here are poems that leap by leaps-and-bounds and are over-the-top in their disjunctiveness, and yet they cohere, and are delivered whole. Each has the intractability of the ideal: the ideal rider on the ideal horse, the poet knowing when to pull in the reins and stop." 

Event date: 
Monday, March 17, 2014 - 6:30pm
Event address: 
3900 Hillsboro Pike
37215 Nashville