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“It’s not easy to tell a story that is filled with hilarious humor, the pangs of love lost, excruciatingly sad family life and deep, deep inner circumspection that ultimately uplifts your soul, but John has done just that. I highly recommend you read this book; you will thank me later.” — Jon Mayes, Advance Reading Copy

“Shore’s territory is the daily, personal challenges of how we live. He traces the very real, very emotional lives of ordinary people who are just trying to keep up–with, often, their own hearts.” — Bruce Steele, The Asheville Citizen-Times

"Stands apart for its originality . . . Shore's protagonist is authentically funny and rawly sympathetic. . . . A testament to the notion that the strongest works are often those with simple storylines, exceptionally told." — 2019 BookLife Prize

“A powerfully compelling introspective look at life . . . beautifully achieved . . . a harrowing, fascinating novel — Readers’ Favorite

"I wish I could give a copy to every struggling person I know, and say, 'Read! Read!'" — Mary Harper, Current Literature Book Club


David is a brilliant young man living alone in an old seaside motel in San Francisco in 1979.

He has just destroyed the life that he and his live-in girlfriend Kate spent two years building together.

He has no idea why he did the terrible thing he did. All he knows is that he's appalled he did it, and desperately wants Kate back.

Fat chance. Kate, who loves David, is many things. Stupid isn't one of them.

Everywhere She's Not is about crazy-making, mind-boggling, gut-wrenching love. It's about how ultimately rewarding it can be to keep hoping, even when you know there's no hope at all.

It's about passing through locked motel doors, travel brochures for ax-murderers, Cornish game hens playing lawn darts.

It's about helping your best friend, who is gay, pretend that he isn't gay, so that his ex-wife won't take away his child visitation rights.

It's about David Allen Finch finally facing the truth of who is family is, and what they've made him become--and what, if anything, he can do about that.

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ISBN-13: 9781733607827
Publisher: Laughing Moon Books
Publication Date: May 30th, 2019