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A remarkable and structurally compelling autobiographical novel based on the author's life, The Atlas of Reds and Blues imagines a fundamental difference in one detail of her past: what if, when her home was raided by officers searching for evidence of a crime her husband did not commit, the author/narrator was shot? Laskar's husband, a tenured professor, was wrongly accused of racketeering (covered at length in The New York Times)

Showcasing the southern United States' simmering suburban racial tensions and powerful xenophobia, The Atlas of Reds and Blues is a timely story told from the perspective of the second-generation immigrant.

Strong candidate for ABA's Indies Introduce and B&N Discover programs

Laskar is a wonderful novelist, and this is a beautiful, relatable novel perfect for book clubs and reading groups

Art, activism, and anger surge through the novel as both motivating and healing forces

Northern California-based author; ARCs available at NCIBA, SCIBA, and ALA Midwinter

Author is a native of Chapel Hill, NC and received her MFA from Columbia, so has strong ties on both coasts

Lexile Measure: 980L

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ISBN-13: 9781640091542
Publisher: Counterpoint
Publication Date: February 4th, 2019