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Continue the Conversation with the Parnassus Book Club and the Parnassus Classics Club!

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Kathy Schultenover is the Parnassus Book Club Coordinator. Kathy is a former English teacher who has been leading book groups for more than forty years, to great acclaim. She started the in-store clubs at Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville, and facilitated the Davis-Kidd Book Club, the Davis-Kidd Classics Club, and the Davis-Kidd Women's Book Club for seventeen years. Kathy helped open Parnassus Books, and many members of her book clubs at Davis-Kidd now attend her book clubs at Parnassus.  Meetings include lively discussions amongst varying numbers of participants of all ages.

The Parnassus Book Club currently meets virtually on the fourth week of each month (with a few modifications). Meetings are held Monday and Tuesday evenings, which allows readers to choose among four sessions to discuss the monthly selection, with Kathy as facilitator. Kathy generally chooses contemporary fiction for the club to read, with a non-fiction work or memoir occasionally.  Attending the meetings is free to participants as a service of Parnassus Books, although registration is necessary to attend. Please join us for lively discussion!  Everyone is welcome. Click here to see a complete list of all the club's past selections.

The Parnassus Classics Club meets every other month on the fourth Thursday at 6:30 pm and again at 8:00 pm Central time (with occasional modifications) to discuss literary works written before 1970, currently in a virtual format. Meetings are run in the same way as the Parnassus Book Club, with interactive discussions of older works from the canon. Store manager Andy Brennan helps Kathy lead the discussion for the Classics Club. Again, there is no cost to attend but registration is necessary. All are welcome! Click here to see a complete list of all the club's past selections.

To receive information about signing up to participate in the Parnassus Book Club meetings, complete this form. Kathy sends out an email for interested parties several weeks before each meeting, inviting readers to choose the session which best suits their schedule. Since these are discussions, group size is limited to allow for good conversation and interaction, so register soon after receiving Kathy's email announcement to reserve your place. Kathy will balance out the number of attendees for each session and she will confirm participation in a given session with the link to use to join by email, so keep an eye on your email inbox.  

Please note: The store does not keep a record of who signs up for which meeting time in a given month, so please check directly with Kathy should you have any questions.

Parnassus also has a Book Club Registry, which enables local book groups to order and purchase their club's monthly selection at a discount. Monthly titles are displayed in the store on the book club shelf with the club's name. Registered clubs also receive notices of special book club related author events and seminars. To register a club, simply stop by the store and fill out a short form -- just ask at the register. Parnassus Books strives to be a resource for all book clubs.

Shop at Parnassus to purchase your book club selections! Members of the Parnassus Book Clubs and registered local book clubs are elegible for a discount on selected books, in store and on line.

In addition, we are planning some additional programming in Winter and Spring 2021 which will especially appeal to Book Club members, so stay tuned on the events calendar! Your local bookseller is working on providing some ways to stave off pandemic boredom.

For exact dates and times, visit our events calendar!