Einstein - Rosen Bridge Now Proven: Wormhole Allows Entire Person to Travel (Paperback)

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Einstein - Rosen Bridge Now Proven: Wormhole Allows Entire Person to Travel Cover Image
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GREETING FELLOW AND FUTURE SCIENTISTS....... GREETINGS TOP SCIENTISTS OF THE WORLD ...........A project 20 years in the making brings humanity a new understanding of what reality is. Science fiction writers have brainwashed the public to think that a machine can Teleport a person from point A to point B. Once science understands the real quantum physics of Teleportation, then science can pursue many goals. The STEERING of the Wormhole was not understood for practically the entire 20 years. The "Quantum Entanglement Silver Cord Wormhole" now has very precise STEERING. FOR THIS REASON A TEST CAN BE PERFORMED TO VISIT OTHER PLANETS WITH INTELLIGENT LIFE For this reason also, "ACTUAL TIME TRAVEL" can be attempted.. It is not the physical body that goes through the Wormhole, but one's Life Force. Once through, the person Teleporting is DUPLICATED, thus making two of the person. There is no distance to travel when crossing dimensions. Space is folded as in the Einstein - Rosen Bridge. However, that model is replaced with this working two way Bridge. It has been debated that the Duplicate person or duplicated Particles as in Quantum Entanglement are either an opposite or a mirror duplication or an exact duplication but not both. To add what connects the two physical bodies through "Spooky Action from a distance?" To satisfy this question, the duplicated person is both exact and opposite at the same time. Connected by the Silver Cord. For the original person on Earth is Mortal and the duplicated person is exact and immortal. A secondary project would actually have to be a machine. This would be something that was never attempted by man: A "Dimension Separation Viewer.". This will be a window between overlapping worlds, occupying the same space, unseen due to Dimensions and accessed through Teleportation or a D.S.V. machine........NOT FICTION..

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ISBN: 9798643293590
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 5th, 2020
Pages: 58
Language: English