The New China Playbook: Beyond Socialism and Capitalism (Hardcover)

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The New China Playbook: Beyond Socialism and Capitalism By Keyu Jin Cover Image

The New China Playbook: Beyond Socialism and Capitalism (Hardcover)


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“Keyu Jin is a brilliant thinker.” —Tony Blair, former prime minster of the United Kingdom

A myth-dispelling, comprehensive guide to the Chinese economy and its path to ascendancy.

China's economy has been booming for decades now. A formidable and emerging power on the world stage, the China that most Americans picture is only a rough sketch, based on American news coverage, policy, and ways of understanding. 

Enter Keyu Jin: a world-renowned economist who was born in China, educated in the U.S., and is now a tenured professor at the London School of Economics. A person fluent in both Eastern and Western cultures, and a voice of the new generation of Chinese who represent a radical break from the past, Jin is uniquely poised to explain how China became the most successful economic story of our time, as it has shifted from primarily state-owned enterprise to an economy that is thriving in entrepreneurship, and participation in the global economy.

China’s economic realm is colorful and lively, filled with paradoxes and conundrums, and Jin believes that by understanding the Chinese model, the people, the culture and history in its true perspective, one can reconcile what may appear to be contradictions to the Western eye.

What follows is an illuminating account of a burgeoning world power, its past, and its potential future.
Keyu Jin is an associate professor of eco­nomics at the London School of Economics and Political Science who has worked with the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. She is currently a global board member for Richemont. Born and raised in Beijing, she holds a BA, an MA, and a PhD in eco­nomics from Harvard University, and resides with her family in London and Beijing.
Product Details ISBN: 9781984878281
ISBN-10: 198487828X
Publisher: Viking
Publication Date: May 16th, 2023
Pages: 368
Language: English
"Jin doesn’t ignore China’s faults and failings . . . she tells a nuanced story that deserves attention at a time of extreme tension between China and the United States.” —Peter Coy, The New York Times

“Jin avoids ideology and instead frames basic economic agents in the same manner as any other country. As a result, English-language readers will come away with a more informed and empathetic picture of this still-developing country.” Asian Review of Books

The New China Playbook offers a different perspective than many Western policymakers do about China. NPR

"The biggest geo-political change of the 21st century will be the end of exclusive Western political and economic dominance. The rise of China is at the core of this change and Keyu Jin is a brilliant thinker to take us through its implications from the perspective of someone who understands both China and the West. It is this combination of insider and outsider insight which makes The New China Playbook essential reading." —Tony Blair, former Prime Minster of The United Kingdom

"China is running on a new playbook for innovation and technology.  As a bicultural economics expert, Professor Keyu Jin understands this playbook, and demystifies it for the global audience.  This book is an invaluable lens to understand the modern anatomy of China." —Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman & CEO, Sinovation Ventures and New York Times bestselling author of AI Superpowers
“During the 20 years of my Presidency, through the many meetings with Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders, I tried to understand China. Now Keyu Jin provides a brilliant guidebook, a must read for everyone in business and politics engaged in the global economy.” –Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, former President of Iceland and Chair of the Artic Circle

"A revelatory exposition of China's juggernaut economy and the rise of its entrepreneurs. Keyu Jin provides the roadmap to understanding the Chinese economy and places it within a global context. This is a must-read for anyone doing business in or with China today.” —William Ding, founder and chairman of NetEase

"The most important  book on China in many years, written with stunning eloquence and clarity.  Jin does not cover the warts, but insists on a holistic view.  Anyone who want to understand China, and how to engage with it economically and politically, will greatly benefit from this deeply original book." —Kenneth Rogoff, Maurits C. Boas Chair of International Economics, Harvard University

“Much has been written about China, but it is rare to read an author such as Keyu Jin, who can so naturally and seamlessly blend two perspectives. If you are interested in a true conversation, this is the book worth reading.” --Charles Li, former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

“China's economic evolution may well determine the future of the world economy, the global environment and geopolitics.  Keyu Jin offers a bold, sound, and profoundly important view of where the Chinese economy is going. Her view needs to be carefully considered by all who will be affected by China, and that means almost everyone." —Lawrence H. Summers, former United States Secretary of the Treasury and President Emeritus of Harvard University