Perfect Mix Tape Segue: Fixing the Plumbing (Paperback)

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Perfect Mix Tape Segue: Fixing the Plumbing By Joe Biel Cover Image

Perfect Mix Tape Segue: Fixing the Plumbing (Paperback)


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Due to the large number of young vasectomy-less individuals inquiring about how to get their plumbing fixed, this zine has been reprinted and ready for re-consumption thanks to offset printing technology at Eberhardt Press Joe Biel strives to find logic, purpose, and meaning in his existence once again. This issue is about friends having accidental babies by the boatload and his resulting vasectomy to prevent himself from befalling the same fate. Plenty of details about seeking out a vasectomy, the actual surgery, and the reasons why. It's probing and personal and has the usual slice of life reality.
Joe Biel is a writer, designer, filmmaker, teacher, activist, and founder of Microcosm Publishing, Cantankerous Titles, and co-founder of the Portland Zine Symposium. He tours with his films on the Dinner and Bikes program and has been featured in Time Magazine, Publisher's Weekly, Utne Reader, Portland Mercury, Oregonian, Broken Pencil, Readymade, Punk Planet, Profane Existence, and Maximum Rocknroll.
Product Details ISBN: 9781934620670
ISBN-10: 193462067X
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
Publication Date: February 1st, 2007
Pages: 24
Language: English
Series: Perfect Mix Tape Segue