A Peaceful Chicken (An Inspirational Story Of Finding Bliss Within, Preschool Books, Kids Books, Kindergarten Books, Baby Books, Kids Book, Ages 2-8, (Paperback)

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A Peaceful Chicken (An Inspirational Story Of Finding Bliss Within, Preschool Books, Kids Books, Kindergarten Books, Baby Books, Kids Book, Ages 2-8, Cover Image
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From compassionate and calm, to heartfelt and harmonious, Nerissa Marie's rhythmic rhyme expresses the divine bliss found in the heart of all beings. The Peaceful Chicken, shares a loving and harmonious message, guiding us towards inner peace. With beautiful illustrations, and a surprisingly sweet ending, this charming children's story is set to become a family favourite.

Little Chick emerges into the world full of joy, and happiness. Soon he wonders, how did he get here? Where was he before he was born? Through awareness, and attention to thought, Little Chick dissolves the mind and becomes one with self-love, compassion and bliss. Little Chick is the perfect book for the little philosopher ready for life's big question, Who am I? This book is designed to inspire your child to look within to discover the secrets of the universe and inner peace.

Conscious kids, become conscious adults, inspiring the world. This book acknowledges the gift your child brings to the world, simply through their bliss filled existence. It encourages them to look within to discover the magic of existence.

Beautiful smiles from happy kids, light up the lives of all who share in their magic. Bedtime stories for kids and kids picture books are a gentle way to share nurturing wisdom. Radiating inner peace, children become strong and vibrant sharing their joy, creativity and compassionate natures with the world. This bedtime story is created with the intention that your child may adventure within to find happiness and discover the confidence and courage to shine bright

Books for kids can be the catalyst for your child to develop healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. Everything we read and watch has the power to transform our lives so let's embrace children's books that encourage compassion, self-love and kindness. Children's books encourage healthy development of early readers and high self-esteem so that your child may live a joyous life filled with happiness and bliss.

This is a wonderful kids picture book for beginning and early readers. Filled with bright, enchanting illustrations for younger readers

This kids book is especially great for conscious kids, and parents who wish to encourage their children to embrace themselves and shine bright as can be

  • Positive bedtime story for kids
  • Excellent for beginning and early readers
  • Short Moral stories for kids
  • Read aloud
  • Loving bedtime story
  • Inspirational stories for kids
  • Spiritual adventure

This is a great inspirational bedtime story to share with friends and family.


  • Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Inner Calm
  • Happiness and Joy
  • Compassion
  • World Peace
  • Positive Thinking and Affirmations
  • Love

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781925647617
ISBN-10: 1925647617
Publisher: Childrens Books Kids Books
Publication Date: July 18th, 2017
Pages: 28
Language: English