The Pollinator Garden Planning Deck: Build a Thriving Habitat for Bees, Birds, and Butterflies (A 109-Card Box Set) (Cards)

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The Pollinator Garden Planning Deck: Build a Thriving Habitat for Bees, Birds, and Butterflies (A 109-Card Box Set) By Cathy Katz, Michael Katz, Jenny Katz Cover Image

The Pollinator Garden Planning Deck: Build a Thriving Habitat for Bees, Birds, and Butterflies (A 109-Card Box Set) (Cards)


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A handy and beautifully designed card deck featuring a diverse array of plants, flowers, and trees and related growing information that makes it easy for anyone to cultivate and maintain pollinator-friendly plants in their own garden.

Gardeners of all levels can join in the movement toward ecologically friendly gardening and welcome diverse species of birds, butterflies, and more to their backyard or balcony gardens or farms, by simply choosing pollinator plants that will thrive in their environment.

The 109 cards included in The Pollinator Garden Planning Deck are brimming with information and full-color photographs of a diverse assortment of wildflowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses whose nectar and pollen nurture a range of pollinators. Many are perennials, meaning they are easy to maintain and require little upkeep. Specific species in the deck are native to the United States, but many of the plants have European counterparts.

Each card features a vibrant photo and describes the size, color, growing conditions, planting considerations, nourished pollinators, and special qualities of these pollinator plants. With more than 100 profiled plants, the deck can easily be sorted and grouped to find the right selection for your garden, season by season, making it a wonderfully customizable resource.

Great for home gardeners, landscape designers, and educational programs, this practical and inspiring gardening deck makes it easy to plant for pollinators, from native bees to Monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, beneficial insects, and much more, and ensure you have blooms throughout the season.

That’s A Plenty Farm & Pollinator Habitat is a three-acre pollinator nursery situated in the floodplain of the Connecticut River in Hadley, MA. Started in 2007 by Michael and Cathy Katz, three generations of family, including their daughter and coauthor Jenny Katz, currently contribute to the farm.

Product Details ISBN: 9781797226286
ISBN-10: 1797226282
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
Pages: 109
Language: English

The Pollinator Garden Planning Deck takes the guesswork out of planning a pollinator garden. Choosing from over a hundred plant species, simply curate and arrange the colorful and informative cards to design a vibrant and thriving garden that attracts pollinators. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, this planning tool offers a fun and educational way to learn about plant-pollinator interactions and create a beautiful, sustainable habitat for these essential pollinating insects.”

Heather Holm, pollinator conservationist and award-winning author of Pollinators of Native PlantsBees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide; and Wasps: A Guide for Eastern North America 

“These beautifully designed cards are a very useful resource for both learning and teaching about pollinator plants. Beginners and experts alike will get a lot of mileage out of this deck.”

Owen Wormser, landscape designer and author of Lawns into Meadows

The Pollinator Garden Planning Deck is an invaluable tool for use by children and adults to learn about, plant, and enjoy a garden replete with pollinator-attracting blooms. The portable deck contains all the information needed to match plants to your growing conditions and create a beautiful and bountiful landscape.” 

Dani Baker, author of The Home-Scale Forest Garden