Embrace the Power of You: Owning Your Identity at Work (Paperback)

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Embrace the Power of You: Owning Your Identity at Work By Tricia Montalvo Timm Cover Image

Embrace the Power of You: Owning Your Identity at Work (Paperback)


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“An inspiring story of embracing one’s true self, with practical advice”
Publishers Weekly, BookLife Review (Editor’s Pick)


Embrace the Power of You

In the competitive world of Silicon Valley, corporate lawyer Tricia Montalvo Timm knew that talent and drive weren’t enough to succeed. She had to belong. Timm took a cue from her days as a child actor, when she had to change her name to get auditions. As an adult, she downplayed her Latino heritage and her life as a mother to fit in. But after two decades of hiding and feeling exhausted and frustrated, she realized that to truly belong she needed to accept herself first. It worked. After showing up at work as her authentic self, her career soared. At the height of her success, she led the sale of software company Looker to Google for $2.6 billion.

If you’ve ever hidden your real self to belong, Embrace the Power of You will resonate. Timm’s journey toward self-acceptance provides a wealth of insight into the reasons why people feel alienated and invisible in the workplace. Timm knows firsthand the fear and shame that comes from hiding your identity, and shows how to overcome those feelings one small step at a time. Through her own story and those of other top executives, she offers powerful strategies and simple tools on how you too can show up as your authentic self at work.

If you’ve ever hidden your identity to fit in, this book will set you on the path to succeed at levels higher than you ever thought possible. A singular book from one of the only Latinas to have attained the triple achievements of reaching the C-Suite, joining the boardroom and cracking the venture capital ceiling, Embrace the Power of You is a warm and courageous guide to finding success through choosing your authentic self.

Tricia Montalvo Timm is a first-generation Latina executive, board director, venture investor and speaker. She rose through the ranks of Silicon Valley advising high-tech companies both big and small, culminating in the sale of data analytics software company Looker to Google for $2.6 billion. In her twenty-five-year career, she has worked with start-ups and publicly traded multinationals alike. Timm was awarded the 2020 Women of Influence Award and the Latino Business Leadership Award Silicon Valley Business Journal and was named Diversity Champion by the SVBJ Corporate Counsel Awards. She is on a mission to inspire anyone who has ever felt like an “other” in the workplace to embrace their true self, own their identity and achieve success and fulfillment in their life and career.
Product Details ISBN: 9781774582572
ISBN-10: 1774582570
Publisher: Page Two
Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
Pages: 264
Language: English

“A roadmap to navigating issues of identity in the workplace” —Kirkus

“A timely career guide that’s packed with suggestions for creating inclusive workplaces” —Foreword

Embrace the Power of You is a guide for anyone who has ever felt invisible. Tricia holds your hand through the journey to self-acceptance and gives you the tools you need to show up as your authentic self.” —Deepa Purushothaman, author, The First, the Few, the Only

“For any leader or manager who cares about inclusion and belonging, this book is a must-read. Change can begin with you. Start by reading this brilliant book.” —Ruchika Tulshyan, author, Inclusion on Purpose

“To build a truly inclusive culture you need to make sure that it reflects the personalities, aspirations and ambitions of your team. In Embrace the Power of You, Tricia provides leaders with valuable strategies on the steps they can take to create a culture of belonging.” —Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO, Netflix

“Trying to work where you have to hide a part of yourself, or don’t feel you belong, is like being smothered from the inside out. This book is your guide to a far better alternative and teaches you not only the power, but the necessity of embracing who you are, showing up as your full self and thriving as a result. A powerful, provocative read that no one can afford to miss.” —Anita Sands, PhD, board director and venture investor

Embrace the Power of You shouts out loud the painful secret that most of us keep buried—we are the ‘other’—too often inhibiting ourselves, our company, our community and the nation of our most awesome talents. Tricia’s book provides a fabulous mix of empathy and steps to take to become the leaders we are meant to be.” —Maura O'Neill, first chief innovation officer, USAID under President Obama

Embrace the Power of You is for anyone questioning whether they belong in the room. Tricia shares her own story and that of other underrepresented people working hard to fit in yet not feeling much belonging. She inspires you with her own vulnerability and transformation and guides you through your own reflections and practical next steps.” —Ellen Taaffe, clinical professor, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

“A must-read for any leader who wants to learn more about the benefits of an inclusive culture. Through shared personal stories, you will develop a newfound empathy for those in your organization who desperately want a seat at the table, but are reluctant to pursue it.” —Mark Garrett, former EVP and CFO, Adobe and board director

“Belonging is achieved when employees feel cherished for their uniqueness. Through personal stories and research, Tricia offers a rare look at why employees may not bring their authentic selves to work, what they can do to embrace their true selves and what leaders can do today to foster a culture of inclusivity. It is a must-read for all leaders hoping to unleash the full potential of their organization.” —Frances Frei, professor, Harvard Business School

Embrace the Power of You is the book I wish I had when I began my career—actually, when I started college! It would have given me the knowledge I needed to begin living my most authentic life.” —Cornell Verdeja-Woodson, director, DEIB, Headspace Health

“Today’s workplace succeeds when each of us can bring our full talents, experiences and insights to the fore, but many of us struggle with feeling the need to assimilate and blend into the corporate landscape. Tricia gives us the tools and insights we need to show up as our authentic selves, which benefits us, the communities we represent and the places we work.” —Lisen Stromberg, CEO, PrismWork