Life at 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect (Paperback)

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Life at 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect Cover Image

Life at 36,000 Feet: Where Faith and Fear Connect (Paperback)


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The High-Altitude Memoirs of a Lifelong Flight Attendant...

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes during an airline flight? Have you considered that flight attendants might have fears of their own? What's the secret to boarding a plane after a near-death experience at 36,000 feet? And why do so many passengers have a fear of flying when a trip through the atmosphere is safer than merging onto a highway?

Join Sharon Carroll Williams-a lifelong flight attendant you'll surely want on your next excursion-as she shares unexpected and entertaining answers to all your aviation-related questions. She explains passenger behavior, handles sensitive situations with grace, and describes the humorous and inspirational challenges she has encountered from her mid-aisle vantage point.

Sharon believes that God is the True Pilot on the flight of life, and through her memories, you may come to believe that faith and fear really do connect-in a more promising way than that last layover that had you sprinting through the terminal

After you absorb this unique collection of reminiscences, you'll view your next trip with a fresh perspective. So fasten your seat belt and climb aboard life's flight in the sky because these true accounts could only be told by someone who lived them

Product Details ISBN: 9781736893807
ISBN-10: 1736893807
Publisher: Scw62 Books
Publication Date: April 12th, 2021
Pages: 166
Language: English