Mommy: The Hardest Job on Earth (Paperback)

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Mommy: The Hardest Job on Earth By Becki Pickett Cover Image

Mommy: The Hardest Job on Earth (Paperback)


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Why didn't someone tell me this would be so hard?

Everyone says being a parent is a joy, a blessing, thrilling & so rewarding.

Nobody mentions the part about exhausting, terrifying & SO confusing. And just when you think you've got it all figured out there's something else to handle.

A new problem to solve. A new drama to dial down. A curve you didn't see coming. A reason to doubt yourself.

When do you go all in? When do you back off? When do you say something or let it go? The questions never stop. Different ages bring different stages & phases. And on top of that every child is different. Along the way you find yourself changing while you become what they need.

Sustainer of newborns, safety ninja to toddlers, referee of siblings, guardian of preschool hearts, good manners monitor, morals instructor, arbiter of common sense, character builder, homework preceptor, special ops agent of teenager behavior, young adult launch instructor, all-knowing sage, cheerleader, problem solver & dream believer all. After you've done all that then you start over as a grandparent. This job never ends. It only changes forms.

Somebody has to do this mom stuff. And this stuff is hard

Mommy; The Hardest Job on Earth is a book of workable wisdom that champions you with advice to help you;

Grow as they grow up.

Maintain your sense of self while you give so much.

Equip your kids to stand strong in a tough world & remain good people in the process.

Shape responsible young adults who develop & maintain healthy relationships.

Build a lifelong bond with your kids built on mutual love & respect.

You don't need judgment. You don't have to follow the latest trending formula for parenting that has you defending or questioning your choices. You want well-behaved kids & a peaceful household & that takes a tremendous amount of energy, stamina, compassion, empathy & humor. And sometimes a little guidance & lots of support for providing the healthy emotional development for every child that they deserve.

This book has something for anyone called to be the mom whether you're dealing with infants or teens or even young adults one child or multiples. It also offers suggestions to help you relate to your mom as she shifts roles & becomes the grandmother.

Becki Pickett, M.C.P. is the author of Coping Smart. 5 Steps to Overcome The Problem & Get Out From Under The Stress, speaker, mom, grandmother, & fierce advocate for emotional wellness. She offers supportive solution-focused strategies for parents & grandparents and the kids they love.

Product Details ISBN: 9781736754252
ISBN-10: 1736754254
Publisher: Capstar Publishing
Publication Date: July 9th, 2021
Pages: 410
Language: English