The Mind of A Rich Man: And What We Can Learn From Them (Paperback)

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The Mind of A Rich Man: And What We Can Learn From Them Cover Image
By Dan Bob
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Getting rich involves shedding middle class values; to get ahead, to get more value and to make more money. It involves playing your cards close to your chest, posing a front, hiding your true feelings, sometimes revealing them at the right moment; not showing anger during provocative situations; getting into the grey areas and getting murkier; reading between the lines of a deal and making use of possibilities within them; finding loopholes and exploiting them and many more. Middle class people are conditioned to believe in the most primitive forms of employment, as most of the human species evolved from hunting and later from farming traditions. The linear relationship between "work and reward" or "input and output" can be firmly and easily established in these primitive or ancient economic activities. The rich, however, see through the subjective, work on it and exploit it. The rich man sees beyond the visible, physical aspects of money and has an entirely different view of money. The rich people are able to see the non-linear relationship created through value addition and they exploit the value, which, at times, is subjective. On the contrary, the middle class are conditioned to believe only in the objective world or the world of appearances. The rich man does not engage in direct rendering of labor unless and until the task is of high value that will fetch him more value or money. He knows other ways that can make him a lot of money and has plenty of calculations going on in his head on how to bring himself more money. He trades value for money than labor. He is ahead of others in evolution. Rich people are also more evolved in their understanding of the non-linear aspects on how money works and how their brain should work to get more value. This book is designed to target the right areas in our brains to change the way we see the world, other people, money, business and finances. In order to target the right areas that cause changes, the book explains these concepts in a highly succinct manner. So, if you are ready, let's take a quick tour to change the way we see and think about money to move us in the right direction that will eventually help us live financially better lives and to get rich.

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ISBN: 9781724012555
ISBN-10: 172401255X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 25th, 2018
Pages: 72
Language: English