No pressure for Gamers: #SchoolShouldNotHurt (Paperback)

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This small ebook was compiled using to encourage you to visit the website of The ebook is also available on The mission of the Fans of Scott Looney is to spread his message that "school should not hurt." We hope that gamers will carry this campaign to more than 3 million views. Gamers develop these skills By LJ Ramos Trial and error (1f) That's what gaming is all about. For example, there is campaign mode and if you get something wrong, you have to go back and correct it. You go back after you get killed and you try it again. Trial and error, shift, press play, right click button, let go, all these combos that you gotta learn with trial and error. It's all about trying and failing. I'm always downloading and uninstalling and loading a program again to make it work better. Adapt the setting to me I set up keys, which make it more comfortable to play. In a game called FortNite, I have set up special keys: my ram is a Q, the V is a little pyramid, the X is a wall. Pull things together and adapt Definitely always in video games. What enemy are you going to attack? You adapt to different situations. Maybe you are dying and you adapt and you try to get help from another player. Yesterday we had a great push. We were going really good and the enemy can't stop you, then we adapted to the enemy because they were doing good. In Subnautica sometimes health goes down and you have to get to the surface. That's the oxygen. Courage (7c) It's a big part of gaming. I'm playing Dying Light. It's scary. You have to be on your toes. There's this woman who can kill you, your weapons are useless, they won't work against her. If she screams, I learned I will die. She has extreme health. You can't knife here, you have to hit her. She is fast and you can dodge her if you are quick. When I ran, she jumps forward. I learned to dodge her and attack her from the rear. It took me three hours to get to her. That's really a lot of attention. Zombies In the end of the game you have to decide if you fight the mother or not. You have a choice: Blow up the whole city and kill thousands of people, but you end up saving millions who live in other places. Or you can fight the mother and let everyone live. I risked it and I fought the mother. So you get the idea... Connecting with different people (2b) Games are all about talking with people who are different. I was looking people to join my team. So I went on Discord and I was watching people in the games I was playing. In other situations I just talk the way I do normally, and I tell my team that they are doing well in the game. Leading through influence (3b) I definitely resolve conflicts. One of the team was talking bad about another player and I suspended him.

About the Author

LJ Ramos lives in Florida. He can be reached at "I'm a gamer, not a YouTuber." School should not hurt. Scott Looney said it and we should pay attention. No grades no pressure More learning Just think about it.

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ISBN: 9781722033361
ISBN-10: 1722033363
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 27th, 2018
Pages: 106
Language: English

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