Quacks Like a Duck (Hardcover)

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Quacks Like a Duck By Stephanie Campisi, Maria Lebedeva (Illustrator) Cover Image

Quacks Like a Duck (Hardcover)


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Petunia the platypus heads to her first party since arriving from Australia. She has the present, a party hat, and a pavlova, but it’s a costume party and she doesn’t have a costume! Everyone asks what she’s supposed to be: “Are you a duck?” “Do you have webbed feet?” “Can you lay eggs?” Even without a costume, Petunia stands out, and all of the other party guests give her a full-on identity crisis! Will she, with her weird quirks, ever fit in?

For anyone who has ever felt out of place—from moving to a new country to moving to a new school—Quacks Like a Duck is a charming tale of acceptance and individuality that will have you laughing and embracing your own quirks and differences with pride.

Stephanie Campisi is an Australian picture book author based in Tennessee. When not exploring the woods and streams about her home, she’s reading to her son or concocting imaginative worlds brimming with wordplay and whimsy.

Product Details ISBN: 9781641707299
ISBN-10: 1641707291
Publisher: Familius
Publication Date: October 11th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English

Don’t form opinions from limited information.

Petunia the platypus, a recent emigrant from Australia, complete with a present, a party hat, and a pavlova, is excited for her first neighborhood shindig until she realizes that it’s a costume party and she’s the only one not dressed up. What’s worse, no one in the neighborhood recognizes what a platypus is. Instead, they insist she must be a duck or a beaver or an otter based on various parts of her anatomy. (Tough party, right?) Thankfully, when a duck, a beaver, and an otter arrive, stacked on top of each other, wearing an oversize coat, and announce that they are dressed as a platypus, the neighbors finally understand, and Petunia regains the confidence needed to declare that she’s not a label, she’s just her. Readers will love this delightfully odd tale, and storytellers will have a blast reading it aloud in storytimes. The artwork has a fresh vibe, and the characters pop from the white space of the page, making this a winning choice to share with large groups. Discussion leaders may find this a useful tool in helping younger children understand the value of not jumping to conclusions based on limited facts. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

A positively peachy tale. (Picture book. 6-8)

Kirkus Reviews

Petunia the Platypus attends a party, not realizing that it is actually a costume party! She is so embarrassed that she doesn’t have a costume, but the other animals think she IS in costume. They think she must be wearing a duck costume, because she has a duck-like bill. But another animal thinks she might be a beaver, because of her beaver-like flat tail. Petunia gets more and more anxious and socially awkward as the animals all discuss her “costume”, until a REAL duck arrives wearing…. a platypus costume!

This is such a cute book about how to deal with awkward social situations where you are different from those around you and you don’t quite fit in. It’s okay to be weird and different and not fit in! In the end, the animals are just glad to welcome Petunia to their party, no matter what sort of “costume” she has. Weird is welcome! Different is delightful!

I love the funny illustrations! Every page is so hilarious and the animals are all in wild costumes. There is a ninja, a punk rocker, a Sherlock Holmes detective, a basketball player, a goldfish dressed like a shark, a vampire, an artist, a disco diva, and a knight.—Luminous Libro