Dare to Question: One Parent to Another (Paperback)

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The vaccine experiment is based upon the assumption that injecting a mixture of complex biological substances will protect humans from infectious diseases. While there is evidence that some vaccines have been effective in the suppression of some infectious diseases (measles, chicken pox, whooping cough), the total impact of the artificial stimulation of the immune system on overall health is not well understood or established. The artificial immunization program was developed in an era when virtually nothing was known about the impact of injecting these complex biochemical substances on organ systems, the neurological system, the immune system, and at the cellular level. Today there is substantial evidence of the harm caused by injecting vaccine ingredients. As more and more evidence of adverse events and injury from vaccination is acknowledged, including death, there is a growing movement to modify the official CDC vaccine schedule. Is it reasonable to consider a modified or delayed vaccine schedule in response to vaccine injury and death, or is it time to question everything about the vaccine program? This is a plea from one parent to another - dare to question.

About the Author

Ted Kuntz is a father, a medical choice activist, and an educator. Kuntz's journey to examine the claims of the vaccine industry began after his son Joshua was neurologically injured by the DPT shot in 1984. Kuntz began a journey to understand what happened to his son. This journey revealed that the vaccine industry has been systematically and intentionally dishonest with parents on the safety, effectiveness and necessity of vaccinations. Kuntz believes the organized and pervasive effort to deny citizens their right to medical decision making for themselves and their children is the greatest threat to humanity today. If we lose the capacity for choice over what is injected into oneself and our children, then we are no longer free citizens.

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ISBN: 9781547135493
ISBN-10: 1547135492
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 6th, 2018
Pages: 140
Language: English