A Poverty-Free World: From Dream to Reality: NEW PERSPECTIVES FROM RESEARCH, PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE (Paperback)

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This book, A Poverty-Free World: From Dream to Reality, further awakens us to the fact that poverty is a universal problem. It is everywhere, affecting every person and every nation, rich and poor. This book underscores the obvious fact that despite long-time effort, poverty eradication remains elusive. In literature, policy design, and practice, we often profess to be targeting poverty eradication, when, in fact, our actions and goals are typically directed at poverty reduction instead. The question is-why? What is holding us back from ending poverty? In this book, poverty expert Dr. Rotimi Nihinlola, with almost two decades of related research, banking the poor, and a background of growing up in poverty, shares new perspectives on how we can reposition our thinking and efforts to terminate poverty altogether, worldwide. He guides us in uncovering disempowering myths and beliefs around poverty-and how those are contributing to the condition of poverty itself and hindering our effort to eradicate it. He shows the disconnect at play between our objectives and goals around poverty reduction and eradication, and how to create much-needed alignment there. He outlines new paradigms and sets of actions to move us away from merely reducing or managing poverty to actually eradicating it. In the book, we see how all of us are needlessly paying a heavy price for poverty. With the right orientation, more effective actions, and-most importantly-the will, as explained by Dr. Nihinlola in this book, it is possible for us to realise our dream of eradicating poverty. Indeed, we can know a "poverty-free world" in our lifetime.

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ISBN: 9781527263994
ISBN-10: 1527263991
Publisher: UK Sur ISBN Agency
Publication Date: November 5th, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English