Woo the Woman, Win the Man: Dating Success without the Silly Games (Paperback)

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ABOUT ME AND THIS GUIDE I am a SWF internationally published writer who holds two degrees, one in behavioral psychology, and I have volunteered as a relationship coach to women in need. That's not why I felt compelled to pen this guide. I feel I have relevant input and that many how-to books on dating miss the point and confuse the issue. This booklet strives to fulfil two purposes: To offer honest pointers for men, such as vital tips on grooming and foreplay; and also helpful insights for women as relate to the world of dating, based on personal experience, extensive research, and common sense. Topics addressed include: "How can I score a date with a woman I like?" "How can I tell if a man is seriously into me?" "What can I do to improve my online dating success?" "What are the signs that a man is a loser?" "What do women secretly want?" "Will he call?" "Should a man always pay for dates?" "Should I go bare down there just because he wants me to?" "What if I can't perform on the night?" "Where is the best place to meet my future spouse?" And more... The content of this guide is from the perspective of someone in the trenches and not on the benches, and so the information is real and raw, and not clothed in clinical psychobabble or in Agony Aunt platitudes. It is written in collaboration with several male friends, whose own input is frank and unbiased. I have a twenty-something son, two marriages and an engagement in the rearview mirror, and I've been around the block so many times I'm almost dizzy with the d j -vu's. I have begun to see patterns: The Control Freak, the Manipulator, the Inept Bachelor; the Party Girl, Gold Digger, and Man Hater, etc. I have even learned to pay attention to astrological signs. Common traits, don't you know. I've dated multiple Mike/Michaels, Robs, Johns, and Andys, and to protect their identities, I'll refer to them by the name of their favorite beer What this work doesn't promise is resounding success in your dating life, just more of it and less frustration, and it doesn't contain a lot of redundant repetition and filler, just a wealth of information. Nor will I disingenuously protect your feelings. Someone has to tell you the blatant truth if you hope to succeed at this game. I can tell you what your friends and family won't if they ever hope to speak to you again. WHO THIS GUIDE IS FOR It is geared towards singles in their thirties through fifties. Millennials probably won't have much truck with this book. They probably don't even know what that means. I don't know what a lot of their jargon means. WTF. Let's get started.

About the Author

Anne Nemo is a best-selling writer who has used her education in psychology to provide services as a relationship coach. This honest, thought-provoking and relatable how-to guide includes the author's real-life dating experiences and tells it like it is. Dating has definitely changed, so it's good to know what you're up against!

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ISBN: 9781523345540
ISBN-10: 1523345543
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 14th, 2016
Pages: 76
Language: English