Luke Weil's How To Monetize A Small Blog (Paperback)

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Luke Weil gives readers an up-close look at the strategies he has used to generate such immense success as a blogger. After starting off with just a small blog and no clear monetization strategy, Weil's blog became such a sensation that he was able to make a career out of the platform he created merely as a hobby. Even though his initial success came almost entirely by accident, Weil has since created a host of other wildly successful blogs while consulting countless others on how to generate significant streams of revenue through blogging.

In his book, "Luke Weil's How To Monetize A Small Blog," Weil takes the reader through the various options available to bloggers and explains how to best determine the right choice for a specific blog. Taking a nuanced approach that offers a complete view of every available monetization strategy, Weil's book provides readers with all of the insight they could possibly need to make informed decisions regarding the development of an overarching monetization strategy. An especially valuable book for beginning bloggers, Weil's explanations are clear and concise so readers that may be largely unfamiliar with the world of blogging will feel quite confident as they make their first foray into the valuable online platform.

Unafraid to admit the mistakes he has made during his career as a blogger, Weil's self-deprecating tone belies the colossal success he has enjoyed while writing about subjects he so thoroughly enjoys. In his book, Weil explains how he learned from his initial mistakes and offers advice to readers regarding how to avoid those mistakes and how to bounce back after any possible misstep.

Weil consistently emphasizes the importance of consistently producing quality content and offering something of value to readers, so his book offers valuable insight regarding the appropriate use of monetization strategies while maintaining a clear commitment to loyal readers. Weil is something of a rarity in the blogging world, as he has been able to achieve an impressive level of financial success without ever compromising the quality of his writing. In his book, he explains to readers how they can achieve a similar level of financial success while remaining committed to producing consistently outstanding work.

About the Author

A longtime writer and professional blogger, Luke Weil is often the go-to source for advice on all things blogging. Mr. Weil has founded countless blogs covering a variety of subjects and has been instrumental in making a career in blogging accessible to those who had previously found the process too daunting or intimidating. While Mr. Weil's blogging career was borne out of the simple desire to create an outlet for his creative writing, his rapid rise to popularity helped him recognize the value of pursuing a career in blogging on a full-time basis. Mr. Weil has stated on several occasions that his first blog became a profitable venture almost by accident, but it is quite clear he has a deep understanding of precisely what is necessary to create a blog that reaches a wide audience and generates significant revenue while still providing consistently exceptional content. His longstanding record of success has resulted in a great deal of consulting work aiding aspiring bloggers as they try to create a popular online platform of their own. Mr. Weil's influence is immediately recognizable to veterans of the blogging community and his efforts have undoubtedly changed blogging for the better. With so many active blogs and a busy consulting schedule, it is a wonder how Mr. Weil is able to accomplish so much in what seems like so little time. As a proponent of creating outstanding content above all else, Mr. Weil has demonstrated time and again that he is able to manage a heavy workload while still producing some of the finest blogs around. Luke Weil began blogging as soon as he hit the internet. He had used a typewriter during his high school years from 1988-1992 and was introduced to the internet in college. He began immediately trying to understand as much as possible. These experiences have taught Weil about the internet, typing, blogging and most importantly, how to earn money through blogging and other online activities. Luke Weil shares his experiences through his books and blogging.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781518612480
ISBN-10: 1518612482
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 13th, 2015
Pages: 36
Language: English