Get Set Hack: Ethical Hacking Guide (Paperback)

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Much time in a day, while sitting over on that crazy machine called computer, we do crazy things The most craziest thing about this machine is, you can do lots of things with it, including those are already known and those which you can't even imagine you can do . For simplicity, I called them as "hacks" here This book is can be differentiated from other hacking stuff available over internet and books by following points: 1) It contains information gathered from various sources and included in one single book. i.e. if you go and find the all content of this book it will take you to visit hundreds of websites. This make this book ILLUSTRATED. 2) Many of tricks included here are unique i.e. you can not find it over internet or anywhere . This make this book ANNOTATED. 3) This book works as a catalog for its readers . i.e. they can choose any point to read randomly from book. this is most unique feature of the book. This book is an ultimate ethical hacking catalog as described. There are lots of tricks given here which you can use to either surprise yourself or your acquaintances. As it is typically a type of catalog, you can simply flip through various hacks whenever and whichever you want These tricks will not only help you to do your computer operating experience great but also will open you all the doors of smart computer using. You can do all those things with your computer using this book that you always wished you could do but thought impossible to do. The tricks given in this book let you explore the most interesting world of various insight of computers. Using these tricks you can feel the real power of that machine and you will get the most out of your computer.The best part of this book is the hacks given here after learning all those hacks, you will introduce yourself a very attractive world of ethical HACKING. After learning these tricks, you will be able to describe yourself as an ethical hacker .From an average user of computer, you will be elevated to smart level using this book. So, rather than talking about the stuff, just directly get into it. SO WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ETHICAL HACKING REMEMBER BE ETHICAL NOW, GET....SET....HACK.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781511811088
ISBN-10: 1511811080
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 20th, 2015
Pages: 100
Language: English