Hoe$: Insights Into the Internal Dynamics of True Whoredom (Paperback)

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Hoe$ is a work that is irrefutably destined to stand alone as the single solitary work of totally unparalleled insight into the core internal dynamics of true whoredom.Hoe$, which is composed of unique true whore elements and select whore specific elements from Pimps: The Raw Truth Grand Inquisitor Level Pimpnological Conclusions, completely shatters age old gross misconceptions that people have about what a true whore is, what a true whore does, who in fact is a true whore and what in fact drives women to engage in true whoredom.Hoe$ has been created for those who have a specific interest in gaining a clear understanding of the whore mindset and the whore aspect of the wild and wooly world of pandering and prostitution and as such Hoe$ analyzes every relevant aspect of true whoredom from the recipe of a whore to the in fact origin of true whores to the psychological and motivational aspects of true whores to common profiles and behavioral patterns of true whores to comprehending true whores total obsession with demoralization, self-demoralization and self-mutilation to understanding why true whores absolutely must have and are occasionally driven to kill pimps to insights into how through modern advancement bona fide pimp paying whores have been turned into housewives to the total diffusion of true whoredom.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781507752739
ISBN-10: 1507752733
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 27th, 2015
Pages: 54
Language: English