Wicked Stepsister: A 4D Book (Hardcover)

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Wicked Stepsister: A 4D Book Cover Image
By David Demaret (Cover Design by), Gina Kammer, Chris Chalik (Illustrator)
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Syah Walker is in an all-out war with her stepsister, Keelah. Keelah is jealous of all the attention Syah receives for her MindLink skills as a peer counselor at Emdaria North Middle School. After Keelah tricks Syah into missing a counseling session, Syah retaliates, and the pranks turn cruel. The two girls are soon forced into a MindLink session and ordered to work out their differences. Inside Keelah's mind, Syah must journey through a fairytale-like mindscape to find her stepsister inside a castle fortress. She is helped along the way by several fantastic creatures. But Keelah herself has been transformed into a terrible dragon by her own jealousy and hate. To help her raging stepsister return to normal, Syah has to rely on her counseling skills. She tells Keelah how much she admires her imagination, artistic talents, and creativity. Despite their differences, Syah and Keelah are able to reconcile, better understand one another, and strengthen their bond as sisters. This exciting adventure will capture readers' imaginations and keep them turning the page to follow Syah's latest jouney inside the mind. See a video interview with the author and discover more titles in the series when you scan the book with the free Capstone 4D augmented reality app.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781496558978
ISBN-10: 1496558979
Publisher: Stone Arch Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 2018
Pages: 128
Language: English