Life's a Bark: What Dogs Teach Us About Life and Love (Hardcover)

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Life's a Bark: What Dogs Teach Us About Life and Love By Larry Kay Cover Image

Life's a Bark: What Dogs Teach Us About Life and Love (Hardcover)


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Long gone are the days when being "treated like a dog" was a bad thing. Today, our canine companions thrive under our encouragement and love, but surprisingly, we don't always treat other humans, or even ourselves, the same way. There's so much our dogs can teach us about living a fun, fulfilling life—if only we'd sit up and listen!

In this charming book of woof wisdom, you'll discover how to play fair, chase adventure, love unconditionally, and unleash your awesomeness by treating yourself—you guessed it—just like a beloved dog. Take a page from the dog's playbook of life with inspiring tips and lessons like:

  • Praise yourself. Seriously. Right now. Even if it makes you feel self-conscious, give yourself a compliment. You're worth it.
  • The next time you're with a loved one, give a spontaneous hug, kiss or friendly squeeze. Bonus points if they return the gesture!
  • Whenever you have an impulse to do something unhealthy, instead tell yourself, "Good human!" every five minutes for the following half hour as a thumbs up for fighting the urge.

Featuring hilarious, heartwarming pictures of your favorite breeds, Life's A Bark is the perfect gift for dog lovers and anyone looking to put the happy back in their howl.

Product Details ISBN: 9781402293498
ISBN-10: 1402293496
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: June 1st, 2014
Pages: 128
Language: English

"A fun book! Life’s a Bark captures the spirit of what is fundamentally canine and offers lots of ideas of how we can practically include what dogs teach us into our lives, no matter what life throws our way." — Steve Dale, author of the Tribune syndicated column My Pet World and host of Steve Dale’s Pet World

"LIFE’S A BARK introduced me to an angle I’d never considered. To see and appreciate what dogs do, think, and feel is one thing. To consider how a person can benefit from doing some of the same is another. An eye-opening and fun approach!" — Dr. Michael Cavanaugh, CEO, American Animal Hospital Association

"Throughout this delightful book Kay captures the essence of our beloved dogs reminding dog lovers that we should be more like our canine friends and just enjoy life..I found this book to be a fast, enjoyable read." — Diane Rich Dog Training

"This book is filled with 60 hilarious and heartwarming tales and tips and tons of great photos… laugh out loud funny book. " — Have Dog Blog Will Travel

"We all know that dogs have so much to teach us; Life’s a Bark provides a fun road map for that learning journey!" — DogTipper

"Life’s a Bark shows dog lovers how easy it is to learn from their canine companions’ positive outlooks." — CityDog Magzine

"In his fun and colorful new book, Life’s a Bark, canine expert Larry Kay plays with the idea of how life might feel if we treated everyone (including ourselves) the same way dogs treat us - with unconditional love and loyalty, as well as empathy and a spirit of joy and discovery...Life’s a Bark is sure to life you spirits and help you look at life with fresh eyes." — Animal Wellness Magazine

"The book is fun, lighthearted and a feel-good read...a thoughtful, enjoyable gift for dog lovers. " — Chic Luxuries

"The many gorgeous color photographs perfectly illustrate the motivational gems that all dog lovers can appreciate." — The Latham Letter