Inflammation: Anti-Inflammatory Diet The Ultimate Guide on How to Overcome Inflammation Naturally Without Relying On Medication (Paperback)

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Inflammation: Anti-Inflammatory Diet The Ultimate Guide on How to Overcome Inflammation Naturally Without Relying On Medication Cover Image
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End inflammation naturally by implementing the natural strategies in this book
A staggering 40 percent of the American population is suffering from different lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, pulmonary disease and lots of others
One characteristic of them all is the fact that chronic inflammation is always part of the problem

I know the first thing that pops in many people's minds at the mention of inflammation is a swollen leg, arm or any other body part following an accident but that's not the bad kind of inflammation that you should be scared of, as this heals fast. Yes, while you may be writhing in pain after an accident, what your body is doing is actually a part of the healing process and you shouldn't worry about that.

What should worry you is the systemic chronic inflammation, which starts behind the scenes before you can even notice that anything is wrong. Chronic inflammation isn't painful in the beginning but is life threatening as it worsens because of various conditions like autoimmune diseases, being overweight or obese and excessive accumulation of toxins.

Just because you are not in pain doesn't mean you shouldn't take action immediately though; you increase your chances of having uncontrollable weight gain and predispose yourself to such diseases like hypertension, arthritis, various cancers, diabetes, and many others if you don't act early.

And what exactly does it mean to act early?
Well, the best approach to acting is to follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

As you will find out, inflammation develops mostly because of a diet that initiates and supports chronic inflammation. So the best remedy for it all is to take foods that counter the effects of the inflammatory foods you've taken over the years as well as the excess toxins you've exposed yourself to.

And lucky for you, this book will show you exactly which foods you should eat and which ones to avoid to fight inflammation.
This book will help you to understand:
  • How inflammation develops to a point of becoming a life threatening problem
  • What favors the development of inflammation?
  • Signs that you have inflammation and need to act NOW
  • How to fight inflammation by taking certain foods that reverse inflammation
  • How to stop stocking the fire to help you fight inflammation
  • Handpicked wildly delicious recipes you can have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and desserts while on an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Tips for success while on the anti-inflammatory diet journey
  • How to use exercise to fight inflammation
  • How to fight any challenges you may experience while on the anti-inflammatory diet
  • And much more

Don't just fight the symptoms of inflammation with medication without dealing with the root cause, which is your diet. And let this book help you to do just that.

Stop inflammation in its tracks before it causes severe damages and makes your life unbearable.....
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