There's a Yeti in My Tummy (Hardcover)

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There's a Yeti in My Tummy By Meredith Rusu, Martín Morón (Illustrator) Cover Image

There's a Yeti in My Tummy (Hardcover)

By Meredith Rusu, Martín Morón (Illustrator)


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What happens when your inner yeti comes out to play?
Matthew is a young boy with BIG, BIG feelings—so big it sometimes feels like there’s a YETI just bursting to get out! And when Mathew’s yeti comes to play, he’s bound to stay all day. That silly yeti comes out of Matthew’s feet, his nose, his hair, his burp, and even his BUTT!

Bound to make any child roar with laughter, There’s a Yeti in My Tummy teaches kids that strong feelings are okay, and so are their inner yetis. Along with Matthew, kids learn to channel those feelings in constructive, positive, and loving ways. And parents will pick up a few tips on language to help children understand when and how to rely on their inner yeti.

An imaginative and fun story told in delightful rhyme by Meredith Rusu and crazy-fun illustrations by Martín Morón, There’s a Yeti in My Tummy is a big, bold, instant classic.
There’s a Yeti in My Tummy is the first book in The Mighty Moods series from 4U2B Books & Media, where we strive to create resources that enable children to become joyful, compassionate, and brave, and that empower parents and adults to instill those qualities in children.

First Place, Picture Books, Fall 2023 BookFest Awards
Meredith Rusu is a children’s book author specializing in titles based on television and movies. She has written more than one hundred books from preschool to young adult for brands such as LEGO, Disney/Pixar, Peppa Pig, American Girl, and Star Wars. She is also the author of The DATA Set chapter book series under the pen name Ada Hopper. Visit her author website:
Product Details ISBN: 9780829457056
ISBN-10: 0829457054
Publisher: 4U2B Books & Media
Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: English
The encouraging picture book There’s a Yeti in my Tummy validates the big feelings that small children feel. Meredith Rusu’s fun picture book There’s a Yeti in my Tummy explains how some children handle big feelings.

Matthew has big feelings almost daily; his inner yeti helps him express these feelings. But the yeti also makes Matthew’s actions seem bigger, louder, and crazier—he wants to stomp, jump, and even roar. These behaviors surprise his family members, teacher, and classmates.

Wrangling complex emotions for audiences who aren’t quite sure what to do about them yet, this is an accepting story full of wise guidance. At first, Matthew doesn’t understand that his yeti can also help him to express his feelings in a calm, loving way. Later, thanks to his mother’s and teacher’s understanding and support, he learns how to express his big feelings in a more productive manner. These adults illustrate that it is possible to embrace one’s inner yeti for the good of oneself and others.

The text is restricted to four lines per page. They establish an energetic rhythm with their light rhyme schemes, infusing the story with a merry vibe. Jaunty words and phrases, including “rumbly, tingly tingle,” “flip-flopping,” and “wiggle-waggled,” make the text amusing too.

The illustrations are dynamic and colorful, with bold images set against softened backgrounds. They celebrate the wild side of Matthew’s inner yeti—and his serene side too. Each image complements the story’s progression, vivifying Matthew’s feelings as they grow too big for his small body; his big, wild yeti reflects him well.

The encouraging picture book There’s a Yeti in my Tummy validates the big feelings that small children feel.

Clarion Reviews
Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

A boy goes about his day with a very enthusiastic yeti in Rusu’s picture book.

The story opens with narrator Matthew feeling that he has a “yeti in [his] TUMMY!” The yeti has a tendency to roam around and cause mischief; no one can see the imaginary creature, but Matthew can feel his presence in his own stomping feet, his tickly, sneezy nose, and even his backside during a game of kickball. His classmates pretend that they have yetis inside them, too, causing kickball mayhem. Matthew’s teacher says that her own yeti is calm and helps her feel brave. At bedtime, Matthew’s yeti isn’t sleepy, so Matthew decides to sneak downstairs and scare his TV–watching parents. Matthew’s mother sits with him (and his yeti) to talk about how the yeti’s getting “too silly,” noting that the boy can use the yeti’s strength to have courage and “do good things.” Morón’s illustrations are diverse and very expressive; Matthew and his family have brown skin, a Black teacher has a natural hairstyle, and other characters have various skin tones. Young readers will gradually understand the correlation of the appearance of the yeti in Matthew’s thoughts and how the boy is feeling in the moment; the creature serves as an effective metaphor for impulse control as well as bravery.

A funny, rhyming story about what makes youngsters brave and silly.

Kirkus Reviews

With a background in licensed publishing, Rusu (I Can Be a Good Friend) debuts her first of The Mighty Moods series in this spirited tale of a young boy with herculean emotions. When Matthew feels an ominous rumble in his tummy at breakfast, his family knows what’s coming. This has happened before, and it means they’re in for one wild day: Matthew has a yeti in his tummy. A yeti that’s loud, jittery, and hard to control. As Matthew fondly recalls the last time his yeti visited—with flashback scenes of roughhousing and bigger-than-life pool splashes—his parents reveal their worry about a yeti who always “causes quite the scene.” 
Matthew’s an adorable lead, and his yeti will grow on readers with every page. At first, he’s all smiles and fun while Matthew yeti-stomps into school with his mom—and they let his teacher know the tummy yeti’s back for a visit. But soon, Matthew’s yeti starts to take over at the worst moments. During story time, he migrates to Matthew’s nose, causing a mammoth sneeze all over his classmates, and the tuna treats Matthew’s mom packed him brings out the yeti’s poor table manners at snack—and his stinky breath. But there’s a positive side to the yeti, too: when Matthew’s nervous about playing kickball, the yeti lands him a beautiful shot—with his butt instead of his feet.
Kids will adore Morón’s illustrations, a kaleidoscope of fun, mayhem, and general hullabaloo that showcases Matthew and his lookalike yeti cavorting through their day. And, surprise of all surprises, everyone else has a yeti, too—even Matthew’s teacher, though hers is calmly composed. Morón skillfully evokes each character’s features in their yeti, and the end scene where Matthew and his mother’s yetis hug is precious—as is the message that “Our yetis are just fine as long as they show LOVE.” This is a treasure.
Takeaway: Beautifully done tale of handling big emotions.
Comparable Titles: Suzanne Lang’s Grumpy Monkey, Adam Rubin’s Dragons Love Tacos.
Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

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