Chilla Gorilla & Lanky Lemur Journey to the Heart (Hardcover)

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Chilla Gorilla & Lanky Lemur Journey to the Heart By Kimberly Snyder, Jon Bier Cover Image

Chilla Gorilla & Lanky Lemur Journey to the Heart (Hardcover)


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Journey to the Heart!

Chilla Gorilla and Lanky Lemur Journey to the Heart is an endearing adventure that helps everyone navigate big feelings while discovering inner peace.

In this enlightening and playful story, wise old Chilla Gorilla teaches his young friend Lanky Lemur how to use his heart's wisdom to transcend intense emotions, such as frustration, anger, and fear, in order to experience harmony, tranquility, and joy.
Kimberly Snyder is a spiritual guide, meditation teacher, and holistic wellness expert. She is the three-time New York Times bestselling author of six previous books. Kimberly hosts the top-rated Feel Good podcast. She is the founder of Solluna® and the HeartAligned Meditation™. Kimberly is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Georgetown University and resides in Los Angeles and Hawaii with her husband and children.

Jon Bier is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, angel investor, and Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Jack Taylor, a full-service public relations and communications agency. Jon is a bar-admitted non-practicing attorney. He lives in California and Hawaii with his wife Kimberly, and their two boys.
Product Details ISBN: 9780829455755
ISBN-10: 0829455752
Publisher: 4U2B Books & Media
Publication Date: May 28th, 2024
Pages: 40
Language: English
In this heartwarming children's book, a gorilla named Chilla guides his anxious lemur friend Lanky toward centering emotions, focusing on what he’s feeling, and remembering that feelings come and go, but the heart holds a “a calm place where peace and love can grow.” Through multiple adventures on their journey through a lushly drawn jungle, Lanky grapples with handling fear, anger, and frustration, all with his wise friend, Chilla, by his side. Sharing his affirming mantra, Chilla helps Lanky regulate his emotions and find a coping mechanism whenever he begins to feel his feelings taking over as the two friends find time to play, eat delicious jungle fruits, and wind down after a busy day.

Donald Wu’s junglescapes are stunning, inviting readers to pore over the vital detail, and the characters are endearing, relatable, and expressive, matching a story that focuses on friendship, interactions with peers, and emotions that sometimes feel hard to deal with. Young readers will find that Chilla Gorilla lives up to the name. He’s a steady, soothing companion and mentor to Lanky Lemur, making the case that when you’re restless it’s a good idea to “let the sillies out”—and when one is scared, remember that being scared is okay but reach out to someone you trust. From Chilla, these life lessons are gentle but striking, a touching example of supportive friendship.

The adventure builds to an ending that reflects the way readers may often use this book—with warm words at tuck-in time, as Chilla introduces a meditative calming technique to help Lanky drift into peaceful sleep. (Backmatter includes a more thorough introduction to “HeartAlign Meditation.”) With the nurturing and tranquil energy given off by Chilla and the lessons he imparts, young readers will take away a firm understanding of their emotions and the guidance to look no further than their own heart—and a trusted friend or mentor—when handling their intensity.

Takeaway: Soothing, gorgeous adventure story of finding calmness and handling feelings.

--Booklife Review by Publishers Weekly

Snyder and Bier’s jungle animals practice emotional intelligence in this picture book.

Lanky Lemur, who sometimes feels like his emotions overwhelm him, can’t relax like his wise friend Chilla Gorilla. Chilla explains that thoughts and feelings are connected, and he teaches Lanky a helpful mantra: “Feelings come and go, yet in your heart is a calm place where peace and love can grow.” For the rest of the day, each time Lanky gets mad, frustrated, or scared, he repeats Chilla’s mantra, and slowly but surely Lanky truly feels the calming effect of observing his feelings, listening to his heart, and soothing himself. Wu’s cartoonish animal characters offer multicolored detail, including the cast’s facial expressions and body language against the bright greens and yellows of the jungle. The prose plays with subtle rhyme and rhythm, particularly in Chilla’s dialogue, which evokes a steady heartbeat: “It’s OK to be scared. Call out for someone you trust and love, and ask for a hug.” The authors ably depict how children can regulate their emotions through the various relatable examples. The two characters have their own distinct voices, creating a fun dynamic and driving the pace of the story: Lanky speeds things up, and Chilla levels things out.

A charming jungle adventure about finding inner peace.

--Kirkus Review 

"This book is such a beautiful and powerful book to help little ones and families connect to the peace in the heart and practice more peaceful living. And the world needs more heart right now!"
--Rooney Mara, Academy Award Nominated Actress

Kimberly's teachings on heart-based living and the HeartAlign Meditation™ are powerful tools to help create more peace and unity, starting within each of us, and spreading across families and the world. Her work is so important and needed today.

- Dr. Shefali Tsabary, New York Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent

"Kimberly's voice is one of the most unique and powerful in the history of children's books. Incredible."
 - Chris Rock, Comedian and Actor