The Bow Tie Book (Hardcover)

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The Bow Tie Book Cover Image

The Bow Tie Book (Hardcover)

By James Gulliver Hancock (Illustrator)


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The perfect adornment for the bookshelves of today’s modern gentleman, The Bow Tie Book is the first illustrated book devoted to the classic menswear accessory. "If you have a swagger, a bow tie can be a badge of courage…The bow is not for the timid of heart…but a beautifully asymmetrical, slightly tousled bow is a perfect look for a romantic nonconformist man of style." —GQ style writer Glenn O’BrienFrom its humble beginnings around the necks of seventeenth-century Croatian mercenaries, the bow tie has evolved to become one of the signature accessories in the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Once relegated to the uniforms of nerds, waiters, and wedding parties, bow ties now adorn the collars of men of all ages and appear on the runways of Paris and London as well as the streets of Brooklyn and Silver Lake. More than an accessory, bow ties tell the world you are a man of style, substance, and individuality; a man who likes to stand out in a crowd but is polite; a man who respects himself and those around him enough to put his best foot forward; a man of whimsy, intelligence, and imagination. The Bow Tie Book includes a brief history of the bow tie and features more than 100 full-color and black-and-white photographs of bow tie–wearing men, along with quotes and essays from bow tie wearers, designers, and their admirers. It also includes over 20 full-color illustrations created specially for this book by noted artist James Gulliver Hancock, as well as a fully illustrated and removable "How to Tie a Bow Tie" cheat sheet. The Bow Tie Book makes the perfect gift for the uniquely stylish man.
James Gulliver Hancock is an internationally noted illustrator, author, and bow tie aficionado and the author of All the Buildings in New York.
Product Details ISBN: 9780789329196
ISBN-10: 0789329190
Publisher: Universe
Publication Date: April 7th, 2015
Pages: 128
Language: English
"An extraordinarily witty and cleverly packaged new book by James Gulliver Hancock, succinctly titled The Bow Tie Book, addresses the idiosyncratic cravat style alternately viewed as eccentric, erratic, professorial, bohemian and Churchillian."

"The Bow Tie Book is such a foray that is amusing, informative, easy on the eyes, and generally very lighthearted. Mr. Hancock offers us a brief but meaningful history of the accessory and then proceeds to offer us photographic proof of today’s aficionados. The physicality of the book makes it perfect for gift giving as well as allowing the reader to get lost in it while reading."
-NY Journal of Books

"The Bow Tie Book, illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock, is just plain fun, providing the bow tie novice with some history, various entertaining quotes, and a guide that shows you how to tie one yourself."
-Sartorial Life