Eat Well & Get Lots of Rest: Wolfie's Guide to the Good Life (Paperback)

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Why waste 5 or 6 of your precious 9 lives learning the CAT SUCCESS SECRETS you will pick up from this 1 self-help book for cats?
CAUTION This book was written BY a cat, exclusively for the education, benefit, and welfare of cats. So, if you are NOT a cat, then SCAT
Okay, fellow felines, down to business because you NEED this cat's guide to the good life.
Who's Wolfie Maine Coon? Well, he's one of the BIG GUYS in our species, that's who
You've read about Wolfie in "The Cat Who Brought us a Bottle of Wine From the Popes' Private Reserve" in the book CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE CAT LOVER'S SOUL. Now Wolfie has written his own self-help book for cats, EAT WELL & GET LOTS OF REST Wolfie's Guide to the Good Life.
Here's what others have said about his fantastic new cat's guide:
"I only wish I'd come upon Wolfie's cat's guide a lot earlier in this lifetime. You can be sure I'll remember all those great ideas in my lifetimes to come."
- Sweet Pea. Maryland
"Though the book is marred by the chest-pounding, me-first egotism so typical of tomcat-chauvinistic Maine Coons, EAT WELL & GET LOTS OF REST displays astonishing insight into the psychology of our providers. That said, I must give Wolfie credit for introducing me (and my food-server) to the recipe for tuna soup--a delicacy we had both been unaware of."
- Gabrielle Abyssinian-Burmese. Reston, Virginia
"I grew up in a single-parent home, then an orphanage, and never had a strong father-figure as a role model. Wolfie's wisdom has made all the difference in my life, showing me how to gain control in my wonderful new home so everything revolves around me. Now, with Wolfie's guidance, I do just as he says: I eat well & get lots of rest, and is the perfect guide to the good life "
- Shadow von Shelter. Maryland
"Better than catnip Grab it fast "
- Al E. Katz. Brooklyn, NY
Wouldn't you agree that . . .
-A cat who grows himself to 27 pounds obviously knows how to eat and live right?
-A cat who earns the title "The King of the Neighborhood" in the competitive suburbs of Northern Virginia shows world-class people-management skills?
-A cat from whom dogs keep a respectful distance, and who has 2-leggeds competing for his favor clearly has the world by its tail
That's why Wolfie's friends of the feline persuasion pressed him, saying he owed it to his fellow cats to share his success secrets. So he did, sneaking up to use his cat lover's 2-leggeds' computer late nights while they were asleep.
At last, this is it, the first self-help book FOR cats, a cat's guide written BY a cat - Wolfie
Wolfie wrote this book for one reason: to help other cats learn how to create better lives for themselves . . . both this time around, and in all their remaining lives to come.
Here are some of the valuable success secrets he shares in this self-help guide for cats:
-A cat's guide to showing the love your servers crave, while doing yourself and your tummy a big favor;
-Valuable techniques for manipulating 2-leggeds into doing what you want, when you want it;
-The "warning words" to beware of - those tricky code words 2-leggeds use to deceive us;
-Ways of gaining and keeping the upper paw in your household, regardless of whether the other residents are 2-leggeds, dogs, or your fellow felines;
-How to upgrade from ordinary cat food (ugh ) to the delicacies your servers try to keep for themselves;
-And much, much more
Order extra copies of EAT WELL & GET LOTS OF REST: Wolfie's Guide to the Good Life for all your friends After all, as Wolfie put it, "Knowledge is power, and the more felines who know my secrets of living the good, comfortable life, the better for all of us.

About the Author

Wolfie Maine Coon, 27 pounds of orange fur, muscle, jaws and claws, gained the name "The Restin' Lion of Reston, Virginia" in part because of his distinctive lion's haircut, but also because he quickly established himself as the undisputed King of the Courtyard. When he was not eating well and getting lots of rest, Wolfie taught himself to read and write by watching TV ads, then testing himself on his 2-legged provider's computer. Over the years, he sat as a cat in the corner, collecting wisdom and tips on living well, and the result is his first book, EAT WELL & GET LOTS OF REST: Wolfie's Guide to the Good Life In later years, he gained the additional title, "St. Wolfie, Patron Saint of Lost and Homeless Cats." That part of his legend was told in the article, "The Cat Who Brought Us a Bottle of Wine from the Popes' Private Reserve," in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE CAT LOVER'S SOUL.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780615806631
ISBN-10: 0615806635
Publisher: Champlain House Media
Publication Date: May 6th, 2013
Pages: 102
Language: English