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Our October 2015 selection is:

Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell

Our October selection, Rainbow Rowell's Carry On, really doesn't need an introduction. Rainbow arrived in the YA world in 2013 with not one but two incredible novels, Eleanor & Park (which received a Michael L. Printz Honor) and Fangirl. We have been waiting for her next YA book ever since.

Readers, it was worth the wait.

In Carry On, Rowell has achieved the impossible. She has written a fantasy novel that wears its affection for those other books about a boy wizard on its sleeve, yet succeeds in its very first pages in staking out its own claim to the tropes we love so much. Simon, Baz, Penny, Agatha, Ebb, The Mage, The Insidious Humdrum, even Watford itself -- Rowell knows we can't help but initially view her creations through the spectres of their Hogwartsian equivalents. Because Rowell isn't afraid to actively engage with the spirits of the stories that have come before, her story instead becomes an incredible mix of the familiar and the new.

Rowell's real brilliance, however, lies in her understanding not of what we love to read, but why we love to read it. In Fangirl, she showed us a character who had been completely enveloped by a fictional world, a character who lived, breathed, and wrote the world of Simon Snow. In Carry On, she's given us that world, and it's very quickly apparent why Cath loved it so much. Readers, I hope you fall in love with Simon Snow and the world of Carry On.

-- Stephanie Appell, Manager of Books for Young Readers

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