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Dear Reader,

While I love reading, I don't like being told what to read. Picking my next book is always an ordeal that involves many days of introspection. So, when my coworker handed me an advanced copy of a thick book and said, "See what you think of this - it's about mountaintop removal," I thought I was going to be less than enamored. I started the book when I was half asleep, but fifty pages later, I was very much awake and falling deeply in love with The Secret Wisdom of the Earth.

The central character of the novel, fourteen year old Kevin, watches his brother die in a horrific accident. In an attempt to heal, Kevin and his mother decide to go live with his grandfather for the summer in a small Kentucky town. Kevin wrestles with the death of his brother as the town is gradually being taken over by a coal company that employs mountaintop removal. The harmful mining practice is ruining the hollows and forcing townspeople to sell land that has been their livelihood for generations. And when a friend of Kevin’s witnesses a terrible act of violence against a member of the community involved in protests, it sets into motion a dangerous series of events.

The Secret Wisdom of the Earth is an extremely ambitious novel that delivers on every front. It’s expertly crafted and written, but the characters are what make this an extraordinary book. I felt so invested in and attached to Kevin that he never left me, even when I had to put the book down. It’s been over a month since I finished reading this novel, yet my fondness and enthusiasm for it hasn’t dimmed in the slightest. If The Secret Wisdom of the Earth is any indication of what 2015 holds, this is going to be a fantastic year for books.

Yours in reading,

Ashton Hickey, Events Assistant


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