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Dear Reader,

If this had been a straight biography, I probably would have never picked this book up, but there was no way to resist this combination of writer and subject.

Jerry Lee Lewis and Rick Bragg both came from the rural South, from dirt poor families, and each made a name for himself. We know Bragg because of his heartbreaking trilogy of books chronicling his early life and the history of his parents and extended family in northeastern Alabama. We know Lewis as one of the pioneers of rock and roll, whose hell-raising derailed his career more than once.

Bragg is one of the best storytellers around, and after spending two years working closely on this book with Lewis, he brings this complex man’s story to life like no other writer could. Ann Patchett says she “loved every amphetamine-laced, whiskey-soaked, gun-shot page of it.” If you are a fan of either man, or just a music lover in general, we think you will whole- heartedly agree. You may even want to buy copies of this for several folks on your holiday shopping list.

Yours in reading,

Karen Hayes Parnassus Books co-owner


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