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Two years ago I was visiting my friend, the photographer Melissa Ann Pinney, and she was showing me a series of photos she was thinking about using for her third book. Melissa’s first two books were gorgeous but they mostly sold in places like the Museum of Modern Art gift shop. I wanted her work to be seen by a much larger audience. So we came up with a plan to make a book that would include essays by friends of mine. It would be a smaller size than traditional books of photography. It would be something that people would want to pick up again and again. It would be a great gift. Melissa was thinking like an artist and I was thinking like a bookseller. Together we came up with Two.

I’m please to say the end result exceeded our wildest dreams. The essays, by ten wonderful writers including Barbara Kingsolver, Elizabeth Gilbert, Richard Russo, along with a perfect poem by Billy Collins, don’t illustrate or explain the photographs, they just add to the conversation. As a result I now have the perfect Mother’s Day gift, wedding gift, hostess gift, and birthday present. I have a book that shows me something new every time I look at it. I recently gave it to a friend who’s very sick and she said it was the first book she’d been able to enjoy. “No suspense!” she said. “It’s such a relief.”

For me, Two is an all-occasion joy, and sometimes joy is just the thing we need. I hope it will bring you all the pleasure it’s brought to Melissa and me.

Yours in reading,

Ann Patchett
Parnassus Books Co-Owner


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