For Educators

Welcome teachers, librarians, and educators! Parnassus Books wants to support the important work you do. We are proud to provide resources and services for schools and educators.

Educator Discounts

Sign up for our Educator Discount Card for K-12 teachers in the store and enjoy 20% off year-round on purchases made in the store for your class or classroom library. Questions? Call the store at (615) 953-2243.

Bulk Orders

Whether you need a set of books for your classroom, copies of a play for a school production, or a large number of books for an author visit, Parnassus Books is ready to handle your order. Please contact us as early as possible, as we require 3 to 5 weeks notice to ensure we can make your books available by the time you need them.

To help you stretch your budget as far as possible, we offer discounts for bulk orders, as shown below. Some exceptions apply. We will confirm all discounts before you place your order with us.

Number of Copies per Title Discount
1 to 25 20%
26 to 100 25%
101 to 499 30%
500+ 35%

To place an order or request a quote, please click the button below and fill out the form. Catherine Bock, Parnassus Books Manager of Special Sales, reviews all educational orders. Questions? Contact Catherine at